A collection of various things I've done and/or want to write about.

Silver Shores – Concert Flyer

Lo-Bit Drawing On a Macintosh

Classic Mac OS Sounds


SCSS Mixin – Rabbet Border

npm Starter Workflow with Browser Sync, SASS compiler, etc.

SVG Menu Icon

Tabby, a very simple tabbed content UI

Animations with GreenSock Animation Platform + ScrollTrigger

Animations with the Intersection Observer API

Slide-in Overlay Message

Header element that shrinks upon scrolling down to the main content

Display a warning modal when visiting external links

Display a new input element after selecting ‘Other’ from select element

Scroll Padding Top with a custom CSS property

Create ‘option’ elements from ‘a’ elements

CSS Grid Collage

Accessible hotel booking widget with flatpickr.js

Read More Toggle (Alternative)

Read More Toggle

Scroll Down “Below The Fold”

Info Overlay

Install Gulp and watch/minify SASS and JS

Detect Current Page

Video Embed with Intrinsic Ratio

Prevent CSS transitions from firing on page load with JavaScript

JavaScript Accordions