Remove HTML Comments Generated by The SEO Framework WordPress Plugin

I really appreciate the work of Sybre Waaijer and his WordPress plugin called “The SEO Framework”. It’s similar to the Yoast SEO plugin but I find it to be a lot easier to use and less bloated.

This evening, the following comments in my website’s page source really stood out to me, and I wondered if it’s possible to turn them off just for the sake of making my HTML a bit cleaner:

<!-- The SEO Framework by Sybre Waaijer -->

<!-- / The SEO Framework by Sybre Waaijer | 3.54ms meta | 4.23ms boot -->

Page source of and the comments generated by The SEO Framework
Screenshot of my website's source code which contains "The SEO Framework" comments.

It turns out that it’s very easy to turn these off. In fact, Sybre allows it with the Incognito extension within his Extension Manager plugin for The SEO Framework.

Simply install the Extension Manager plugin and then click “Extension Manager” within the “SEO” menu in your WordPress Dashboard sidebar. Then click “Activate” for the “Incognito” plugin. That’s it! The comments will be automatically removed.

I realize that this tip hardly warrants a blog post but I figured I might forget about this in the future if I don’t make a note of it.

The other extensions (Focus, Articles, etc) also look quite interesting but I think they require a paid license which is something I should maybe consider!