Silver Shores – Concert Flyer

A dear friend of mine asked if I’d make a flyer for a show coming up for their band, Silver Shores. I had also made their website several years ago. Well technically that was Mt. Meru but the project ended so we reskinned the website for Silver Shores.

Anyway, I don’t consider myself a graphic designer by profession but I do think I can hang when necessary.

Slightly inspired by the recent “remastering” of my dad’s 1996 “Boing” graphic which I wrote about last week, I came up with this:

It won’t be printed so there was no need to worry about the abundance of black. This will only be shared on social media and the Elbo Room website.

I made this in Adobe Photoshop. The wavy horizontal lines are simply straight horizontal lines configured in a way to give the perspective of distance across a landscape. It initially looked like this:

Then I simply applied Filter > Distort > Pinch to give it the wavy / bendy look. If you know me then you know I like minimalism and prefer legibility above everything so I didn’t add much else beyond this. The font for the location and band names is Roboto Mono (Thin) which is a monospaced font. The font for the date and price is Futura PT (Book).